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So what is there to do in Napier?
There's so much.

Down on the main street of Napier, just a few minutes' walk from Driftwood, you'll find an extraordinary array of shops, pubs, restaurants, galleries, arts, crafts and gift shops, considering the size of the village.
It is  alive: vibrant and friendly. So why would you want to stay over in Napier? Here are some of the attractions:

  • A huge variety of  restaurants
    and pubs.
  • Art, crafts and gift shops.
  • Antiques and second-hand
  • Bric-a-brac and books
  • Stained glass factory.
  • Locally made clothing.
  • Goats' milk cheese
  • Sugar sticks shop
  • Local wines and expert advice on the  wine routes.
  • Militaria museum.
  • World famous giant sundial.
  • Garden nurseries.
  • Horse riding.
  • Quad biking, paintballing.
  • Fynbos trails.
  • Hiking.
  • Visit our Tourism Office for more information. See Links.

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Charming Napier village and church

Napier paddocks from Driftwood Cottage

Napier Tourism office

The Fox old English restaurant in Napier

Great pies and sexy bread in Napier main street

Horse riding is one of many activities in Napier

Napier Media House

Napier's Little White Shop

Riek Creative Gallery

Riek Creative Gallery under the oak tree

Great pizzas at the Suntouched Inn in Napier

Great food and atmosphere at Napier's Pascal's bistro

Cow n Bell

Cowan Properties


Horse and carriage

Gunners Mess restaurant

Gunner's Rest restaurant and pub in Napier

Wild Thyme restaurant

Napier's La Petite Boutique gallery and tea shop

Mike's bread and pie shop

Stained glass shop in Napier

The Gallery has quality works by local artists

Delicious black pan breakfasts at the Farm Stall

Vindigo for wine, art and gifts in Napier

Reneessance restaurant on the outskirts of Napier

Experience the magic of the Overberg


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